Steven Schoenberg

My Bodyworks Reviews

My Bodyworks - Book Cover

Here is a splendid book for all the senses. The illustrations are lively and delightful.
- Eric Carle, Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

What a delicious combination of talents: lyrics, music, and facts all together. This one is earmarked for my twin granddaughters who are just the right age for it.
- Jane Yolen, Children’s Book Author

My Bodyworks, a new book-and-CD package, makes learning about the human body fun. Steven Schoenberg composed the cheerful, piano-propelled melodies, and his author-educator wife, Jane, penned the witty lyrics, which are complemented in the book by Cynthia Fisher's vibrant, multi-ethnic illustrations. The Schoenbergs are particularly adept at matching the sound of their songs to a given corporeal function: a lub-dub bass rhythm drives the cardiac ode "Keep the Beat," while the meet-your-lungs number "Inhale, Exhale" takes its tempo from the natural rhythm of breathing. While all of the songs are a cinch to sing along with, the biggest crowd-pleaser will most likely be the matter-of-fact "Everyone Passes Gas," an airy tutorial that is more tuneful than toot-ful.

- Anatomy Lessons Set To Music. Our Favorite Things: A Parent's Guide To The Best In Family Entertainmen.t FamilyFun Magazine, November 2005 By Moira McCormick