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This is a documentary compiled from motion film footage shot by Robert Fulton during his 1932-33 solo journey around the globe on a Douglas motorcycle. Narrated by Fulton himself. Produced by Searchlight Films

In 1932, 24 year old Robert Fulton, alone on a Douglas motorcycle, left England for an eighteen month trip around the world. This great adventure entailed driving 40,000 miles through 22 countries-including many challenging destinations that, even today, would give pause to the most world-weary traveler. Fulton armed himself with a 35mm camera and a supply of nitrate film negative and managed to both survive and to capture an indelible portrait of the world on the cusp of a tremendous change.

Narrated by the now 92-year-old adventurer, and edited with the help of his filmmaker sons, Robert and Rawn Fulton, TWICE UPON A CARAVAN dramatically captures the adventure of a lifetime. Culled from 35,000 feet of exquisite black and white film, this documentary casts a fresh light on a world that has all but vanished. We see this world as Fulton saw it then, and we hear him now, 66 years later, as he looks back and reflects on this life-defining experience.